The Well Worn Lock

Bad Blood and Brass Pennies
Wherein our heroes bring down a tyrant and discover a fortune.

Act 1 – Road’s End Tavern

Just a few days before Geheimnistag, the Day of Mystery, the players find themselves at the Road’s End Tavern in the small village of Grandorf. Unfortunately for the players, who are trying to have a quiet drink as they pass through to parts unknown, a local Lord by the name of Fredrick Wellgunde has decided to pick this night to rile up the town. The fanatical son burst into the Inn and accuses the proprietor, a lean hard-eyed fellow by the name of Gus, of sedition and treason. When Gus refuses to back down and insults the Lord, a brief scuffle ensues that leaves Gus and one of Fredrick’s henchmen dead.

Fredrick is not the sort of man to let an insult go unanswered, and he has riled up a mob, taking advantage of local paranoia. Fredrick barricades everyone inside the Tavern and has the mob set it alight; anyone trying to escape is shot.

A dying Gus implores the PCs to save his unconsciousness daughter Isabella. He hands them a satchel of 15 gold coins and a sealed letter that he had secreted away.

“Get her to Altdorf, find Maggie on Potter’s Lane. She’ll know what to do…”

Uttering those last words to Riker, the Dwarf Watchman, the players scoop up the girl and a wealthy looking patron, and escape down a trap door in the back of the bar. It leads to a barge on the Riek river, which the Inn overhangs.

As the Inn burns, the screams of those trapped inside carry down the river to the players ears. Eventually the building, already hanging lazily over the river, tumbles down the bluff and into the river. In the glow of the fire, Fredrick sees the party, but before he can say anything Sitea silences him with a perfectly placed arrow. The party spends the night on the raft going down river towards Altdorf.

Act II – Delivering the Girl

The following morning the party went ashore before reaching Werner, the next town down river. There they parted ways with their merchent guest they had also rescued from the burning Inn, a fellow named XXXX. At this point Graanok picked his pocket, snagging several silver coins and a pocket watch.

From there they hired a coach to take them to Altdorf, which was only a day’s ride away. Orchalel was able to use her elfin charms to convince a driver to get them there even faster, and naturally she rode for free.

Once Altdorf they made for Maggie’s house in Potter’s Lane and reunited the orphaned girl with her adopted aunt. Maggie thanked the party for their part in trying to save Gus and in getting Isabelle out of there. Maggie’s guest, Dr. Tarvin Quade, a wizard and senior faculty member at the Colleges of Magic, presented the party with the opportunity to make some more money. It seems the Grey Order has misplaced an apprentice. He was following up some rumours of unusual activity down in Schmuttplatz, a neighbourhood in Oggasse, a district in southern Altdorf. The party agreed to help track down the missing apprentice.

Afterwards Orchalel went to meet her new coachmen friend in a local pub. Along the way she spied a leather satchel half buried under some broken wooden fixtures. Inside the satchel was 10 letters of mark bearing the seal of Lord XXXX, each bearing the value of 50 gold pieces. Orchalel had unwittingly stumbled upon a small fortune!

The Elvin mystic went and rendezvoused with Tolliver Clauberg, the coachmen she had smitten. She convinced him to try and exchange three of the Letters of Mark she had recovered at a the Riekland Royal Bank, fearing she would draw unwanted attention to herself. Tolliver went in, while Graadok kept a watchful eye on him. Tolliver went inside, spoke to the clerk, and was escorted into the back. After that Graandok was spotted by bank security and asked to leave, so he went peacefully outside to update Orchalel. It was than they noticed a wagon speeding away from the back of the building.

Act III – Follow That Cart!

The two stole the coach they had used to get there and chased the cart and the three suspicious looking men. When the men realized they were being followed, a brief chase ensued but was quickly ended by a procession of Doomsayers who blocked the lane. Graandok and Orchalel confronted the men and killed them quite handily with the helped of a manic Tiz who was driven by visions of shocking power and clarity after drinking some of Maggie’s Dwarf Ale.


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